New in Profit 11

This page contains an overview of all new functionality to be authorised!

The Profit administrator (application administrator) authorises the new functionality.

Default user groups

A full set of user groups (roles) with authorisation are now supplied with Profit. You will automatically get the right authorisation on menu items, tabs and action by using these groups. The corresponding InSite roles and functions are also supplied so you will have the right authorisation in InSite in one go. AFAS will expand and change the standard roles where required with every new Profit version.
Issues such as your personal configuration (for example, personal file items) and custom configuration can be authorised via the default user groups. Personal user groups are therefore not need for this. 

AFAS Pocket

You can now also create search views for cost units, cost centres and periods. Authorise the Search views 2 tab in General / AFAS Pocket / Settings

Authorise the Employee change profile tab if you want to link profiles so that employee ESS entries can also be implemented via Pocket.

You can now authorise Who is Who at various different levels. You can display the base, departments and employee birthdays. You authorise this in the Authorisation Tool on the Pocket tab.

Automatic entry of e-invoices

Authorise the Process e-invoice lines and Properties view actions of the Financial / Creditor / E-invoice function.

Assess purchase invoices

The General part of the InSite Assess purchase invoices page has been split into different parts. Authorise these parts in General / InSite & OutSite / Configuration / Functionality.

There is a new My purchase invoices InSite page.

Import forecasts

Authorise the CRM / Import CRM / Forecast function.

KPI table

Authorise General / Configuration / KPI table and General / Manage / Import / KPI lines if you want to create KIPs to use on dashboards.

Release blocked entry sessions

Authorise the General / Configuration / Blocks / Entry session function.

Instalment schedule

Authorise the Projects / Management / Instalment schedule function.

Project pages 

Authorise the new Project / Project / Project group tab on the InSite / OutSite tab.


If you have a Bakery licence:

Authorise the function for the deletion of the import history of the KZS via Order management / Management / Delete KZS import history.

Authorise the function for the import of route recommendations via Management / Import sales / Route recommendation.


To ensure that the work budge is accessible via an action, authorise the action related to Project / Cost estimate / Work budget / Actions.

Authorise the Project / Buyer guidance function.