New in Profit 11
Profit BI

Even more insight with the new and optimized dashboards!

New dashboards

Even more insight via Profit BI

The new dashboards are explained with the related products: 

Export to a PDF or Excel file

You can share data quickly with your colleagues through a PDF or Excel file via export! You can also make a snapshot at a specific moment. 

You can export a worksheet to a PDF file via the menu at the top left. The entire worksheet will be converted into an image and will be saved as a PDF file.

You can export a visualisation to a PDF or Excel file. When exporting to Excel, only the figures will be exported (the BI graphs, etc., are not exported).

Dashboard help

Do you want more help with a dashboard? For example, about the data that is used to build up the dashboard, about specific visualisations or about the authorisation. Click directly on the help button at the top right.

This button is now available in the Debtors, Creditors, Fixed assets, Profit and loss, Profit and loss closing estimate, Financial statements, Subscriptions, Complement, Leave, Absenteeism, Fleet, Wage costs and Current stock dashboards. The help for other dashboards is being updated and the help function will also be available there soon.