New in Profit 12


Import CUF file improved

The import of the CUF file for the cost estimate/working budget has been optimised with regard to more issues. The most important issue is that you have more choice for the link of item codes with monitoring codes. In addition, the created cost estimate will be made final immediately when importing! 

Buyer support optimised

The Buyer support functionally has been improved with regard to very many issues. Below you will find a few of these improvements:

  • You can now create a cost estimate from an option list based on a selection of lines.
  • The 'Buyer explanation' field has been added to the option list line so that it is available in OutSite and in the option list line in Profit Windows.  
  • The 'Incl. VAT' field is available in the header of the entry program for the option lists and the import of option lists. 

Working budget fields renamed

The following fields in the working budget have been given a different name:

  • 'Forecast of the end of work costs based on production take-up' is now: 'End-of-work cost forecast'
  • 'Costs to be expected based on production take-up' is now: 'Costs still to be expected'.
  • The 'Contract sum (without additional/less work)', 'Additional/less work', 'Total contract sum', 'Financial result' and 'Financial result excl. purchase result' fields from the project forecast table have also been put in the 'Other amounts' field group. These fields were in the 'Project monitoring' field group before.