Nieuw in Profit 12


File per budget scenario

You can determine which decisions have been taken for each budget scenario in relation to, for example, budget adjustments with the new file on a budget scenario. You can also start to use a request process in the form of a workflow. If someone wants to adjust a budget, you can safeguard this perfectly through a workflow and, afterwards, you can easily see what has happened.

Isabel Connect banking link

You can import bank statements from Belgian banks through the Isabel banking link. This is not just relevant for Belgian customers, but also for Dutch customers with Belgian bank accounts. Profit only supports the CAMT53 format. Bank statement lines will be imported automatically and you can process these using Financial / Entry / Bank Statement.

Journalising receipt

Are receipts key in your organisation? You can now decide to use the journal entry directly in Financial in relation to receipts. The related obligation will also be written off at that moment. The activation of Journalising receipt is available for this. 

When reconciling the invoice with the receipt lines, any reconciliation difference is entered on the invoice. The costs for the receipt will then be cross entered in a separate journal.