New in Profit 12


AFAS Pocket

Pocket has been expanded with additional functionality for the Flex sector. 

The employee (temporary worker) can view all file items that have been defined in his/her personnel file through 'My file'. File authorisation does, however, apply to this. 

The employee can view current and past placements.

The employee can submit claims (timesheets) through AFAS Pocket. The temporary employment entity can configure an entry layout for this where the hours can be entered in a few steps by using a wizard. Pocket also provides insight into the processing and pay-out so that the temporary worker can see when he/she can expect his/her salary.

Placement and contract confirmation

You can generate a placement and/or contract confirmation automatically when adding and changing a placement:

  • A contract confirmation for the client
  • A placement confirmation for the candidate

You generate the confirmation and start the related workflow when you have configured this for the relevant employer.

New in relation to price agreements

Two new rate types, for example, have been added to the prices agreement that are linked to the sales price. That is:  Percentage margin compared to the sales price and Rate factor + nominal margin.

Until now, the rate types were based on the cost price. The name of the already existing rate types has changed because of the new types to ensure this could be clarified.


  • The Percentage margin is always examined by Profit now in comparison with the Sales price (previously this was in comparison with the cost price) in the price agreement version.
    The margin percentages have therefore been converted in the properties of the placement contracts. The sales rates remain the same.
  • There are two fields related to the percentage margin in the collection of data: 'compared to the sales price' and 'compared to the cost price'. The value from the 'Percentage margin compared to the cost price' displays the value as it was before Profit 12.