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New in Profit 12


Authorisation based on the employee's position

You can put employees in the right authorisation groups automatically based on their position (job). When an employee joins the organisation or is given a new position, the right authorisation will be allocated directly. The Authorisation tool is therefore no longer required. The rights are correct in one go! 

an employee may fulfill a role temporarily, for instance to help out on a busy department. Apart from this, there are also personal roles. These roles are not related to a position, such as being a member of the Works council or the Emergency response team.

There are two new reports that you can use to check the authorisation, that is, Authorisation per user group (Profit) and Authorisation per user (Profit) 

The Authorisation per user group report will display all issued authorisation rights per user group. The Authorisation per user report will display the authorisation that has been configured per user. We recommend never to give users their 'own' authorisation. This report will assist you set limits with regard to this! We naturally do recommend using standard user groups.


You can match received lines with purchase invoices with the new Reconciliation UpdateConnector (FbConfrontation) Confrontation (FbConfrontation).

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