AFAS Pocket

New in Profit 12

AFAS Pocket will be released independently of Profit 12. AFAS Pocket will be released in the second half of November 2019.


Personal file items in My file

An employee can consult his/her personal employee file through Pocket. The administrator determines which view is used for this.

Reporting absence easily with absence profiles

You can now also use the InSite absence profiles for Pocket. This refers to the profiles for reporting sick and pregnancy both for ESS and MSS. Determine which profiles you want to use in the Pocket settings. If you do not link absence profiles, reporting sick through Pocket will continue to work as it used to.

Entering hours

You can now enter hours through an entry layout. You configure the entry layout once. You determine which fields must be provided with data in Pocket. You can, moreover, enter a value for fields that are not displayed in Pocket. 

We have also integrated an additional function for Pocket: wizard entry. This ensures that Pocket users can enter data for the fields through a number of steps. You can determine the sequence of the steps for the fields to be provided with data in the configuration.