New in Profit 12


Project will get a Status field

You can currently give projects a status such as To be planned, realisation, finished, completed or expired. This can be done manually but also through the workflow.

It has been configured for each supplied project status what a user may create. You can, for example, create everything in relation to the 'Realisation' status ranging from a purchase order to a project entry, but you can only create project entries in relation to the 'Finished' status.

You can add statuses yourself too and set what is allowed within this context. You cannot change what is allowed in relation to the supplied statuses.


  •  The Completed status is taking the place of the Completedfield. This field will no longer be available in the properties of the project, but Profit will continue to allocate a value to this field so that your reports and dashboards do not change.
  • Projects that have already been completed will be set to the Completed status. The status will not contain a value in relation to other projects
  • As from now, the Date/delivery tab is called Status in the project properties.


  • Did you have your own filters set on the Completed field? Now set filters based on the new Status field and change your own views for this if required. 
  • Did you have your own Status field through the customised configuration option? Make a choice: keep your own field or hide the new Status field in Profit.

Main phases with subphases

You can now add subphases to a phase. This ensures you can use several levels depending on the complexity and size of the project. Once you have created the subphases, you only enter on the subphase levels. 

Work in Progress Totals improved (Accountancy)

The Work in Progress Totals for Accountancy have been improved because now the moved draft lines and credit notes are taken into account. This is, for example, used in the formal for Work in Progress End, which now is as follows:

WIP End = WIP Start + Production + Added - Written off + Moved + Added to - Written off of - Invoiced - Credited

Place the new Moved and Credited fields in your views so that you can also consult these values

More info in the Help Center