New in Profit 18

Application management


Translations in Profit

You can now translate the description in many different places into the languages supported by Profit, that is, Dutch, English, French, German and Flemish. This includes descriptions of ledger accounts, employee jobs, file item types, forecast statuses, etc. Useful if you have employees abroad who use Profit in a different user language: they will then see the descriptions in their own language. The descriptions are also included in collections of data and can, for example, be used in reports.


Message template's fixed attachments

A message template can now include fixed attachments such as the general terms and conditions, guarantee provisions and service level agreements. When you email, for example, digital invoices, the attachments will be sent automatically.




More great functionality

  • Alert Maximum number of users has been reached 

    There is a new data collection, that is, Licencing dates (report), for alerts, GetConnectors and analyses. You can, for example, create an alert with this that warns when you threaten to reach the maximum numbers based on your licence.
    Based on this collection of data, a new alert has also been created, that this, Available number of Profit users of the licence is nearly finished (Profit). The alert will be 'sounded' when fewer than five users can be created. Copy the alert and adjust it based on your own preferences.  

  • Logging automatisch synchroniseren
    You can consult log lines via General / Environment / Environment log such as the InSite, OutSite or Profit connector logging. If you start this function, first the lines need to be synchronised and this may take a while. To speed this up, you can now perform the synchronisation via the planned task Synchronise the environment logbook.
  • Subscription logging 
    You can now keep a logbook updated of the changes in the subscription lines including the custom fields that you may have on the subscription lines. The Subscription lines logbook is available for this via General / Configuration / Log / Management.
  • Import user groups
    You can import new user groups via General / Management / Import / User group.