Migration checklist Profit 18

Important changes in existing functionality


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There is a new version of the PCC for Profit 18. This version is not mandatory. The PCC will therefore not notify you that there is a new version. You can use the Profit 17 PCC (version 17.00) in Profit 18. The Profit 18 PCC is also available on the customer portal.

If you work with a lower version (lower than version 17.00), it is then necessary that you update the PCC to the latest version. Download the PCC via InSite or Profit Windows.


Creation profiles for purchase and sales relations and organisations

For Belgian customers, a link with Graydon is now available. If you create a new organisation, purchasing contact or sales contact, you can search in the Graydon files and immediately copy data into Profit.

The following is important for InSite. Search in Ch. of Comm. is automatically used in Dutch environments and Search in Graydon is used in Belgian environments. There are, however, also hybrid environments where both the Netherlands (functionality) and Belgium (functionality) are enabled. In this situation, you must determine for each creation profile whether you want to search in the Chamber of Commerce or Graydon. In the conversion to Profit 18, this setting will be determined automatically based on your licence. Check the creation profiles and add creation profiles if
required. As from Profit 18, you can also add creation profiles for organisations, so that you can also set for each organisation creation profile whether you want to search in the Chamber of Commerce or Graydon.


Logging onto OutSite via social media discontinued

Logging onto OutSite via social media will no longer be possible. AFAS is going to make two-factor authentication possible for OutSite. Users log in with their username and password and an extra verification step through, for example, AFAS Pocket. For the second verification step, various other authentication apps will also be supported such as LastPass.

Logging in via your own identity provider will continue to be available. The settings have been moved to the new Login tab in General / In- & OutSite / Site.

In General /In- & OutSite/ Site, the field Login with username/password on the General tab no longer applies. This field has been replaced by a new field, that is, the Method field on the new Login tab. You can determine the login method in the Method field.


Custom roles for OutSite

The number of custom roles for OutSite has been increased from 3 to 10.  Per organisation, you determine which roles you want to use.

Profit 17 offered three custom roles and these had the codes 4, 5 and 6. 

In Profit 18 the numbers of the custom roles has been made consistent with the codes. Because of this, the codes 4, 5 and 6 will be converted to 1, 2 and 3 during the conversion to Profit 18. The other custom roles will be numbered accordingly, take this into account when you use custom roles for instance in selections, data collections, reports or analysis. 


HR / Payroll


Timetable type

The Timetable type field has been added in Profit 18. By adding this field, all existing timetables have been converted to the new timetable types:

  • Variable work pattern and Specify variable work pattern were not selected.
    The following is a new timetable type: Working hours, same weeks.
    If the employee is linked to an Education CLA, then type: FTE a day.

  • Variable work pattern and Specify variable work pattern were selected.
    The following is a new timetable type: Working hours, different weeks.

  • Variable work pattern selected and Specify variable work pattern not selected.
    The following is a new timetable type: Hours a week.

The Variable work pattern and Specify variable work pattern fields are no longer visible in the wizard and profiles. These fields will, however, continue to be available in the collections of data. Existing analyses, reports, GetConnectors and UpdateConnectors will therefore continue to work.

The Timetable type field has been automatically added in the existing profiles and therefore Visible and Changeable have been selected.




The existing CRM / Course management / Configuration / Script menu item has been moved to General / Management / Script. If you were authorised for CRM / Course management / Configuration / Script, you will also be authorised for General / Management / Script after migrating to Profit 18.

You will also find the scrip at a new location in the Management tool, that is, in the Script function group.

The reason why it has been moved is that the script can also be used for start and end of employment (in HRM) and for the period closing (in Financial) as from Profit 18.



Order management


VAT exempted with stock journalising (care/education)

During the conversion, the new Claim VAT setting in the Order management settings will be set to In In accordance with project/allocation. This does not mean that anything changes.

To make use of the improved functionality as an exempted organisation with stock articles including VAT, the new setting must be set to Exempted. Once the setting has been converted, Profit will journalise all stock entries based on the new method. This also applies to the deletion of receipts and/or reconciliations with stock.

In addition, you must also configure another ledger account if you have linked the same ledger account in the article groups with stock at Acc. price difference as at Acc. purchasing. That is, a ledger account that is suitable for the price difference between the purchase and settlement prices.

The changed setting and any led
ger change have a great impact and must be tested properly. We recommend doing this with a consultant and starting the transition in the new financial year.



E-Invoice issue method renamed

The issue method 'E-mail PDF + as E-invoice' is now E-mail PDF + as E-invoice (UBL).




Renamed report

  • The old 'Detailed invoice proposal (Profit)' report has been given a new name: Digital detailed invoice proposal (Profit).

  • The old 'Invoice proposal (Profit)' report has been given a new name: Digital invoice proposal (Profit).



Reservation balance in hours transferred automatically

The outstanding balance in hours is automatically transferred into a more recent placement in relation to terminated placements in Profit as from Profit 18.

In principle, the balance of terminated placements should have already been transferred. For the cases when the conversion has not taken place, this will be done immediately during the conversion to Profit 18.

By default, the transfer is set to 5 working days after the termination of the placement. This means that Profit will still convert the balance of reservations in hours of placements that terminated 5 weeks or longer ago. This only applies to terminated placements for which:

  • The end date is larger or equal to 04-01-2021.
  • The end date occurs before 04-01-2021 and the employee had an active contact on 04-01-2021.

This may lead to additional transfers after the conversion itself as a one-off. Profit generates claims for this.

Other changes:

  • The Convert automatically after end of the placement and Converting reservations into placement fields in the import and the PtPlacement Contract UpdateConnector have been disabled. If these fields are offered, the value will be ignored. Check your imports and UpdateConnector.
  • A new Reservations view has been added. The old Reservations view has been renamed to Reservations extensive. The 'Reservations of ended placements' view no longer applies.
  • From the placement properties and 'New placement' wizard, a number of fields with regard to 'convert reservations after placement end' have been deleted.
  • There is a new menu option for more insight into the expiry date of reservations: Presence and absence / Flex / Reservations with expiry date. You will be authorised for this if you are also authorised for HRM / Payroll / Claim cockpit.


Alerts for End of phase replaced

At the beginning of this year, Phase 1 and 2 have merged into 'Phase 1-2'. The following alerts have been disabled:

  • Employee/Contract: end of phase 1 with workflow (Profit)
  • Employee/Contract: end of phase 2 with workflow (Profit)

A new alert has been made available: Employee/Contract: end of phase 1-2 with workflow (Profit).



    Project cost price 

    When you add the cost price, you now also get an optional screen if you create it from an article.