New in Profit 18



Obligation to withhold check automated (Belgium)

Now, Profit now retrieves the current status of the obligation to withhold of creditors at the Rijksdienst Sociale Zekerheid (RSZ) and the FOD Financiën (FOD) via web services. This automated working method simplifies your check of purchase invoices considerably.


Project location address

You can now more easily import addresses that previously did not exist for new build projects in relation to which the municipality will only create the address later on. The imports have been expanded for this:

  • Add project location address has been added to the Project and Project entry imports.
  • Find project via the main project and construction no. has been added to the Project entry import.


Do not allow receiving more than ordered on the purchase order

With this new setting on the purchase order, you ensure that higher quantities are never allowed to be received and only the ordered quantities. This is operational in Profit, InSite and via the Pocket app.

















External purchase view

You can now consult the Work budget outside purchasing (BU) view at Work budget. You will see in no time at all what is Outside purchase and what you can manage on.


You must first unblock this view.


Reports for invoice proposal and bill of quantities added

For invoice proposals, two new simplified reports have been added and, at two existing reports, the names have been changed:

  • Detailed invoice proposal (Profit) has been added as report without icons.
  • Invoice proposal (Profit) has been added as a report without icons.
  • The old Detailed invoice proposal (Profit) report has been given a new name: Digital detailed invoice proposal (Profit).
  • The old Invoice proposal (Profit) report has been given a new name: Digital invoice proposal (Profit).

The following simplified report is now available for the bill of quantities: Short bill of quantities (Profit).


E-invoices in accordance with the DICO standard (soon)

An electronic invoice is less sensitive to mistakes, more efficient and can deliver and import invoice data structurally. Profit will soon start supporting the SALES005 format for both sending and receiving e-invoices in construction. This will again save you more time with regard to administrative actions.

This functionality is delivered via a patch on Profit 18.


Meer mooie functionaliteit

  • Construction Dashboard
    The Construction dashboard has been added to the 'Project management (Profit)' and 'Financial management (Profit)' authorisation roles. Project forecasts have been added to the Construction dashboard.
  • Expired purchase quotation
    If you convert lines into a purchase quotation from a working budget and the quotation expires afterwards, you can now put the line(s) again in a purchase quotation. Profit will delete the old number from the Quotation number field.