New in Profit 18



New bank account via the workflow

You can now assess a bank account at a purchasing or sales contact via de workflow. You can create the new bank account in Profit Windows or InSite. The assessment via de workflow always, of course, takes place in InSite. If a new bank account has not yet been approved, it cannot b4e used in payment and collection instructions. This ensures you have more grip on your payment processes and you can fight fraudulent practices.

The bank account of the organisation is also copied across with regard to a new purchasing or sales contact based on an organisation. Now, you can also add a new bank account immediately and configure it as the preference.


Retention periods linked to file items based on the Dutch Public Records Act (Archiefwet)

Retention periods may apply to file items based on the Dutch Public Records Act. These retention periods can be set for each file item type or for each property combination. When determining the retention period, you can, for example, based yourself on the creation date of file items or the date on which an employee leaves the company. Via a wizard, you can delete file items that may no longer be kept - you will therefore always be in control.



Working faster via de Graydon link (Belgium)

When adding an organisation, you can now immediately copy across Graydon data. You no longer need to enter this data manually. You can also update company data base4d on Graydon data. The Graydon rating is, of course, an embedded notion in Belgium and therefore it is displayed in InSite by default. This link is free of charge. For Graydon customers, there is also an extra feature: you can get the Graydon credit report directly in InSite.



Recording the organisation's delivery address via InSite

You can now record a delivery address for an organisation via InSite. 




More great functionality

  • Script with follow-on task
    Every script task can now have a follow-on task. This means that you get an additional button in InSite for starting a new workflow or, for example, for opening an overview page.
    You can now also use scripts for reporting employees as having joined or left the company and for the financial period closing. From now on, you can maintain the scripts via General / Management / Script. The script has also been given another place in the Management tool.