New in Profit 18



Reservations optimised

The following components have been improved in relation to reservations:

  • You cannot include reservations in relation to placements without having to convert them manually yourself beforehand. Profit does the conversion itself now in the following cases:
    - Upon inclusion via actual costing (new).
    - Upon pay out of reservations.
    - A few weeks after termination of a placement. Profit then converts to the most recent placement.
  • The insight into the reservation balances has been optimised. A new Reservations view has been added for this.
  • You will have more insight into the due date of these reservations.
  • The Reservation pay out wizard has been improved. You now therefore get a summary regarding what will be paid from which placement.


Registering and deregistering digitally with the Zorg en Zekerheid healthcare insurer

You can now register and deregister work migrants digitally with the Zorg en Zekerheid healthcare insurer Adding the agency with a start date at the employee ensures that a registration message is prepared. You can also have the agency added immediately upon employment start in InSite after which the message will be prepared. The planned task will then take charge of sending the message. This will save you much time and effort.

Journalising claims in accordance with the 4-4-5 method

You can now journalise the wage journal item, cost price entry and turnover of claims in relation to claim processing based on the 4-4-5 method.

A new option has been added for this at the employer at the Journalising method field: Voucher date in accordance with the 4-4-5 method.
Profit configures the Voucher date field in the Payroll processing schedule for claim processing in such a way with this option that the entries in the 13 consecutive weeks of a quarter fall together with the months in your financial administration. This, for example, concerns week 4, week 8 and week 13 of the first quarter (the 4th, 4th and 5th weeks).

For the four weekly payment, the voucher date will continue to be the last day of the period.



More great functionality

  • Margin dashboard
    For the KPI lines of the Flex margin dashboard, the range of the Margin field has been increased to -999 up to and including 999. This ensures you can enter or import a negative margin or a margin greater than 100%.
  • Placement contract draft workflow
    You can now also use the data of the project/customer agreement as well as the current employee data in the Placement contract draft workflow (-128). The sales contact data is then also available. You can, with this, for example, automatically have entered the person responsible for the file via a condition with the contact manager of the sales contact.
  • Placement workflows when exceeding the Margin processing

    Now, when creating a new price agreement and/or placement line, have the workflow approved automatically when the margin from the price agreement is not exceeded. For this, the Nominal margin and Percentage margin fields are now available at the Placement (Profit) or Placement line (Profit) file item types.

  • Claim invoice attachment
    You can now add an attachment to a claim invoice via the Attachment action. You can consult the attachment via the Display attachment action.
  • Automatically renew the payroll processing schedule
    With a Flex activation, you can now also automatically extend your payroll processing schedules.
  • Phase end alert
    Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been merged at the start of this year into 'Phases 1-2'. This is what this new alert is available for: Employee/Contract: Phases 1-2 end with workflow (Profit).
  • Check of processed and invoiced actual costing dashboard optimised
    The processed week is now based on the Voucher date in the Payroll processing schedule. In addition, the Administration field is new in the filter bar for fast insight into the financial period totals. You can also get an overview with all claim through the Details button. You can use this to easily make an export to Excel. To conclude, you can easily switch between Week processed and Week worked on the Claim overview check worksheet.