New in Profit 18

InSite & OutSite


OutSite two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication will be possible but is not required so that you get a new security layer when logging in. Users log in with their username and password and an extra verification step through, for example, AFAS Pocket. For the second verification step, various other authentication apps will also be supported.


Logging in via social media (such as via Facebook) will no longer be possible nor the option to save the OutSite password so that you can log in quickly.

Apply theme on parts of the site

You can now manage the width and background colour/image of the site in the them (instead of in the site itself). You can now also define the dimensions and background colour/image in the site for components. You have five types and you can therefore define separate preferences for, for example, banners, overviews, photo galleries and plug-ins. You can, in this way, carry out the maintenance of these components in the theme.


To make the management of multiple InSites or OutSites even easier, you can export and import themes.

Blocking profiles

If a profile may no longer be used in InSite, OutSite or AFAS Pocket, you can block the profile. This will ensure that the profile will no longer be visible on choice pages.

This change means we can deliver new profiles in relation to existing functionality. The new profiles are supplied blocked so that they do not suddenly appear in, for example, InSite. To start using a profile, you need to unblock it.


Banner expanded with icon boxes

The icon box is a great new way to present banners. Each box can contain an image, a title and an explanation. The title and explanation are also supplied with many default components, but you can adjust them yourself.


Share Teams recording on InSite

You can now display an included team meeting on InSite via the new plug-in Microsoft Stream.


More great functionality

  • 10 Custom roles for OutSite
    The number of custom roles for OutSite has been increased from 3 to 10. You determine for each organisation which roles you use and you can authorise with this in an even more detailed manner.
  • Multiple creation profiles for organisations
    You can now use multiple creation profiles for organisations. This functionality has been developed for the Graydon link, but is available to all customers.
  • Process the workflow via line actions in OutSite

    You can now also quickly process your workflows in OutSite with line actions. As is the case in InSite, this is possible for the first three actions that are available in the workflow. This will, for example, ensure that flexible users can process claims quickly without having to open the workflow each time.