New in Profit 18



Cost price calculation based on hourly wage

You can now have the cost price of entered hours in projects calculated based on the employee hourly wage. Additional allowances to the hourly wage from the (provisional) payroll processing and a surcharge percentage can also be included with this.

The cost price that you therefore obtain, provides more insight and helps you guard your margin better.

A new Costs Work In Progress (WIP) method based on the hourly wage, allowance and surcharge has also been added that ensures you can journalise the entered hours in the actual costing to the profit and loss account. You can also journalise in separate accounts the hourly wage, allowance and surcharge of one actual costing line.


Article prices per project

You can now define prices for all item types for each project. The Project field is available for this when adding a price. This is, for example, used in the cleaning sector where a cleaning location is always unique and therefore has its own prices as a project.












Adding and maintaining can be done, for example, from the properties via the Price/discount action or from the cost estimate. The project price has priority on the price of the contact in the price hierarchy.

Add project location address via import

In the Project and Project entry imports, the Add project location address import option is new for ERP. One project location address can be added to a project. If you enable the import option, we assume that you will be creating/adding a new address and therefore the Project location address will be hidden.