New in Profit 18

Order management


Temporarily replace the article

You can now temporarily replace an article, for example, because the supplier cannot deliver for a short while. The Replace up to field has been added for this in the article properties. The UpdateConnectors and imports of an article and assembled item have been expanded with this new field.


In addition, replace including Replace up to now also has an effect in the purchase requests. The Is replacement field is, moreover, available when you can see that an article is not the originally ordered one.


Assembled item in purchase request

As from now, assembled items can also be used in purchase requests. This applies to all three assembled item types: explosion, make article and product.










Profit splits the assembled item of the explosion type in the purchase order based on lines with the separate components of the assembled item.


VAT exempted with stock (care/education)

In Profit Financial, the Price difference and Purchase accounts are now also balanced in relation to exempted (not claimable) VAT with purchasing from stock articles. To use this, the new VAT to be claimed back field must be configured in the Order management settings.

Profit will then process the stock value and the purchase value for stock articles including the VAT. This ensures that in Profit Financial, the VAT will no longer lead to a reminder on the Purchase account and the difference in price is entered separately. This is mainly an issue in care and education where exempted VAT is a standard occurrence. You must, however, add the Fixed Settlement Price including the VAT at your stock articles for the determination of the stock value.




Save issue email in file item

If you email invoices, packing slips, reminders, etc. to your customer, now not just the PDF file, but also the email message will be saved. This is the email message that is based on the message template, You can therefore exactly see what was sent to the customer.



Purchase blanket order

You can also use blanket orders in the purchasing process. You place a purchase order of a specific quantity for a specific price that will be delivered in parts in a specific period. This will save you storage room and gives you delivery security without running a price risk. You, for example, use this in Care.

The blanket order is used via both manual purchase orders and the orders generated via the order proposal.















Purchase order with delivery schedule

You can now have your supplier deliver a purchase order in accordance with a delivery schedule. Profit will then distribute the quantity of a purchase order line over several future delivery dates once the purchase order is final.

This ensures you save on storage space and you will have easy insight in the quantities still to be delivered.


















OCI links

The following new OCI links are available:

The link withBrocacefhas been expanded (this was a patch on Profit 17). This was a link that only supported the webshop. Now, this is a fully-fledged OCI link.




More great functionality

  • InSite sales orders
    You now have in InSite a Sales order lines overview page.
  • Stock dashboard
    The Stock dashboard has a new look and feel. On every worksheet, you can now easily switch between quantities and amounts with new buttons. The Situation worksheet will immediately give insight into the stock, turnaround speed and unsaleable stock. In the Stock column, you will see the stock, incoming stock and outgoing stock. Enter the number of delivery days of the outgoing sales at Sales delivery days so that you can see the expected final situation. You can browse between the worksheets of the dashboard by using the Flow, Movements, Stock and Minimum buttons.

  • Do not allow receiving more than ordered on the purchase order
    With this new setting on the purchase order, you ensure that higher quantities are never allowed to be received and only the ordered quantities. This is operational in Profit, InSite and via the Pocket app.