New in Profit 18



Mollie link

Now you can create a link between the Mollie payment platform and Profit. You can send a payment link with this link in relation to the invoice and reminder. You can also import the specifications of the Mollie payment in an automated manner.
With the payment link, your customers can pay their invoices easily and in a low-threshold manner so that they are paid on time and your administration charges will be reduced.



Safeguarding the period closing in Profit

The financial period closing is an important proc4ess with fixed steps that you need to complete before and after the end of the period. Examples include suspense account reconciliation, work in progress, VAT checks, connecting debtors/creditors, current account ratios, etc. You can fully safeguard this now in Profit with a period closing. This includes a script, audit lines (of the Finance Auditor), workflows and deferred items. You can clear your to-do list: everything will now be in Profit.



Financial Contract Management optimisation

The Contract owner and Contract manager fields have been added to the contract so that you can define several roles/persons on a contract in addition to the existing Responsible person field. You can use it as a possible destination in the Financial contract workflow.
In addition, two methods have been added to generate obligations from a contract. This is mainly important in relation to environments that work with a 4 week period table for Financial: Per period (4 weeks), distribute proportionally and Per period (4 weeks, distribute pro rata). You select this method at the Generate contract obligations field.

Also added to anew overviewContracts to be assessed.  This overview displays all new and changed contracts that are still in a workflow.





Transitory item UpdateConnector

You can enter transitory items via the FiEntries UpdateConnector. Based on the financial year period of the financial year period up to, the transitory entry is proportionally made for sales, purchasing and project entries.




More great functionality

In Profit, the reference ledger account bridging statement is supported. The reference ledger account bridging statement is a standard for the simple exchange of ledger balances based on the reference ledger account. From Financial, you can export the reference ledger account bridging statement and then import it in Fiscal.

  • Save issue email in file
    If you email invoices, packing slips, reminders, etc. to your customer, now not just the PDF file, but also the email message will be saved. This is the email message that is based on the message template. You can therefore exactly see what was sent to the customer.

  • Change environment basic currency
    Under Consultancy mode, the basic currency of an environment can be changed if a new/empty environment is involved.

  • Exempted VAT in relation to stock articles.
    In Profit Financial, the Price difference and Purchase accounts are now also balanced in relation to exempted (not claimable) VAT with purchasing from stock articles when you change the configuration. See at Order management.